Sasha’s Story

My father has always said that there are three kinds of people in this world: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened! Right from when I was a child, I knew that I was a “make it happen” girl.

My other great mentor was my grandfather. “Buy a house when you’re young,” he advised, “and you will get 10 steps ahead.” He left me a small inheritance, which I put toward my first investment property when I was 21 years old. I was on my way.

Before I sold my first property, my father suggested I use the equity in it to borrow for a second home; that way I wouldn’t need a deposit. So at 23 I bought my second house on a duplex block by a lake. I renovated the house, subdivided the land and sold the two properties for a fantastic profit.

There began my renovating and property development career; it started as a hobby and ended up becoming my world. I had a natural flair for it—I could see the potential value of a house and picture how it could be transformed from “now to wow” in an instant. Juggling my hobby with a demanding day job meant that I had to develop an exceptionally fast renovation strategy so I could squeeze in makeovers during my annual leave.

I continued to renovate my own homes for 16 years while working in the corporate world, primarily as a marketing and advertising executive. I used the income from my day job to fund my purchase of properties, and I renovated an average of three homes per year, moving from principal property to principal property for fantastic, tax-free financial rewards. I was a millionaire before my 30th birthday.

Then came an epiphany that transformed my life. I realised that the rapid renovation system I had developed could be used to help others achieve their property renovation dreams.

I launched my business, Million Dollar Makeovers, at a building tradeshow on 4 June 2009, and success was immediate! The world was in the midst of a financial meltdown, governments were pressing the panic button, and there I was, a single mother holding down a full-time job and project managing several renovations

I absolutely love and adore what I do with a passion that is sometimes difficult to put into words. I get a huge sense of accomplishment from my success and turning many ugly ducklings into beautiful swans, helping my wonderful clients achieve their property and lifestyle dreams.

Reno Tip
  • "The garage should be seen as an extension of the home and not an add-on. Prettying it up will improve the appearance of your entire property."
  • "Use accent lighting to highlight specific objects or features of a room. Concealed lighting behind a pelmet can show off the curtains, and lights above a picture or painting will draw them out to great effect."
  • "The trick to making a mint through property makeovers is not to look at the property as it is now, but to imagine what it is going to be like."
  • "Always buy a property under market value, and you will make your first gain before you even commence your renovation."
  • "More than 50% of buyers will come back to look again at your house at night. So invest in some outdoor lighting to create a stunning effect."
  • "Don't over improve a home. Transforming a modest suburban semi into Buckingham Palace may appear to be an admirable goal, but it's not one that is going to make you rich. Ensure that your renovations meet or slightly surpass what is already available in your area."
  • "Only use trades who can supply you with at least two references from other jobs and are prepared to give you their names and contact details so you can speak to them."