Quiz Sasha

Million Dollar Makeovers

Why did you decide to write the book?

Property renovations have given me everything—a dream home with a lifestyle to match, and the ability to give something back to others. Everyone who knows me understands that I’m driven by a desire to help people change their lives for the better. With our rapid renovations we are doing this every day at Million Dollar Makeovers, and the book is giving me a wonderful opportunity to reach many more people to show them how they can take control of their financial destiny.

Can anyone really make a mint in a meltdown?

The short answer is yes, anybody can do it. Now that doesn’t mean to say that it’s necessarily easy, but then again it’s not rocket science either. Making my first million was not all that difficult. The key was getting into the right mindset, taking action and seeing barriers as opportunities, not challenges. The reason many people fail when they set to achieve their dreams is they run for the hills at the first sign of trouble.

Can you sum up in a few words the secrets of how you amassed a large property portfolio?

By having passion and a powerful vision as well as great time management, strong negotiation skills and an action mentality. To be a success you must take the leap from your ideas to getting moving. So don’t read this book like you would any other. You have to get some traction and act on all the valuable lessons you will learn.

I haven’t got a creative bone in my body, so how can I be a successful home renovator?

If your artistic prowess stops at line drawings of stick people, don’t worry. Just call in the professionals. You do not need to do everything yourself. Building a property portfolio involves picking the right people to help you achieve your dream. Yes, you’ll be laying out some money, but this is an investment. If you use quality trades who take pride in their work and charge fair rates then there’s no reason why the value of your properties shouldn’t shoot up. At Million Dollar Makeovers we typically raise property values from between $200,000 and $2 million.

What is the central message of the book?

Make a Mint in a Meltdown is full of my insider secrets and step-by-step instructions on how you can make a lot of money through property renovations. It worked for me and it can work for you. But the overarching theme is that if you want to live the life you really want you must get moving and take action. Stop wishing and dreaming; set the wheels in motion now.

Reno Tip
  • "The garage should be seen as an extension of the home and not an add-on. Prettying it up will improve the appearance of your entire property."
  • "Use accent lighting to highlight specific objects or features of a room. Concealed lighting behind a pelmet can show off the curtains, and lights above a picture or painting will draw them out to great effect."
  • "The trick to making a mint through property makeovers is not to look at the property as it is now, but to imagine what it is going to be like."
  • "Always buy a property under market value, and you will make your first gain before you even commence your renovation."
  • "More than 50% of buyers will come back to look again at your house at night. So invest in some outdoor lighting to create a stunning effect."
  • "Don't over improve a home. Transforming a modest suburban semi into Buckingham Palace may appear to be an admirable goal, but it's not one that is going to make you rich. Ensure that your renovations meet or slightly surpass what is already available in your area."
  • "Only use trades who can supply you with at least two references from other jobs and are prepared to give you their names and contact details so you can speak to them."