Avoiding Mistakes

If you think your house is too small for your family, no longer suits your requirements or just looks old and drab – you have two options – buy a new property  or remodel your current home. Before you decide to sell your current home be sure that this is the answer to your problem.

If you need to move because of work or to be closer to your family then renovating your current home is not an option – you need to move. However, if you are just fed up with your house – maybe a revamp will do the job?

Sometimes the best option is to just stay where you are and redesign your property to give you your luxurious, dream home. So what are the 3 best reasons for you to renovate rather than sell?

You like the location

For many of us the location of our home means that we are close to our family and friends. Maybe we live close to the children’s schools or to our work – and we don’t really want to move from the location.

You might have spent years finding this spot close to your relatives – so do you really want the expense and stress of selling and buying a different home? Think about how renovating your current home will achieve the goals you have for your family – rather than selling.

The house is too small

Is it just that your home is too small and no longer works for your family? Maybe you need more bedrooms or a teenager’s retreat? Maybe you feel that it is time to have that parent’s retreat you have been dreaming of for so long or you want a pool in the garden or the floor plan is just too cramped and doesn’t flow well.

So instead of moving – consider renovating your current home. If your land is large enough you can build an extension – an interior designer can redesign your floor plan to suit your needs and increase your living spaces even without an addition. They can even redesign your floor plan to increase the number or size of the rooms by getting rid of dead, unusable space. You can have the best location and the best home without selling!

Sasha deBretton explains why renovating can be better than selling

Increase your wealth

A good, high-quality makeover utilizing the skills and experience of an interior designer can instantly increase the value of your home! Even though the renovations will cost you money, the improvements that can be made can be astounding and can lift the value of your home to the next level.

An interior designer will help you to make the right choices for you and your family and will also prevent you from spending too much money and over-capitalising on your property. If you are short of cash for the renovation, a well thought out plan by an interior designer can encourage your financial institution to lend you the money based on the anticipated increase in the value of your home, following the renovations.


Be sure to check out Sasha’s TV channel and see how she transforms Drab in Fab and instantly increases her clients wealth!

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