Dream Team

To create your dream renovation team you need access to the best professional help you can find. So far we have looked at real estate agents, mortgage brokers, land surveyors, house inspectors and lawyers. To round your dream team out you need trades people!

Finding good, reliable trades people is a must for your business and can be one of the main challenges that you will face. Some trades people don’t answer your calls, some don’t bother to turn up, some charge the earth for poor quality work – you don’t want all your profits to be eaten up by unreliable and poor-quality trades people.

You need a special type of trades person who will turn up on time, work well with other tradies in small spaces, deliver superior workmanship on a tight dead line – and be someone you can trust.

Ask your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations. Check with your insurer as they have a database of trades people and ask at your DIY stores for reliable tradies in the area.

When recruiting to your dream team – ask the following questions:

  • Are they licensed and insured? Ask to see a certificate of currency for public liability insurance. If they are not insured they can sue you for injuries sustained whilst on your property. Also ask for their license number as you are liable for their work for six years – even when the house is sold.
  • Ask to see a portfolio of their work and at least three references.
  • Ask for an honest and fair rate and a detailed quote that covers all costs. The lowest bid may not necessarily provide the best workmanship.
  • Can they inspect the property at a time that you nominate? Being told they will be there in the next few days to inspect the property for a quote ties up your time.
  • Are they available between your start and completion date? If they can’t fit in with your schedule then find another tradie.
  • Can Sasha deBretton explains how to find the right trades people for your dream team.they be on site at a time you state – every day? Turning up whenever it suits them, means they are either unreliable or doing work for someone else. You do not need unreliable workers or those with other work commitments. You have a completion date and need workers to turn up on time. Can they work to a deadline with other workers? It is important that they can work alongside other tradies.
  • Are they flexible if the schedule changes? You may need to move the completion date forward – are they happy to pull out all stops to help?

Make sure that itemised quotes are given to you fast – within 48 hours and compare costs and services between companies. Also educate yourself on the building regulations in your area.

Lastly, pay your trades people on time. If you do this, they are far more likely to remain happy and on your dream team!

Be sure to check out Sasha’s TV channel and see how she transforms Drab in Fab!

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